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  1. How did you come up with the idea for a printed memorial to Michael Jackson?

  2. This is no ordinary book. Tell us about it.

  1. What was it about Michael Jackson that so deeply touched his fans?
  3. Can you share some inspiring stories from fans of the sort that will be included in this book?
  5. Explain how people can participate in the contest to have their memories included in the book.
  7. Have materials such as crystals and stone been used before in a book? How are they used in this one?
  9. You describe this book as an heirloom. How will people use and display it?
  11. What is included with the book?
  13. How did you choose the team collaborating to create this book?
  15. In the digital age, why is it that people still seek out printed books?
  17. Has Bungalow published books on other musical artists?
  19. Do you plan other books of this type in the future?
  21. Are you both Michael Jackson fans and will your own memories be featured in the book?
  23. Tell us about plans to present Michael Jackson's family with a copy of the monument.
  25. What do you think is Michael Jackson's biggest legacy?       



Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@publicityresults.com, 828-749-3200, or blog http://www.StorytellerToTheMedia.com

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